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[October Event] House of Mysteries, Week 1 by HappyIndigo-Acres [October Event] House of Mysteries, Week 1 :iconhappyindigo-acres:HappyIndigo-Acres 3 0 [COMM] JCBrokenLight by HappyIndigo-Acres [COMM] JCBrokenLight :iconhappyindigo-acres:HappyIndigo-Acres 3 2 Blitzen Evolves! by HappyIndigo-Acres Blitzen Evolves! :iconhappyindigo-acres:HappyIndigo-Acres 6 0 Vanna Evolves! by HappyIndigo-Acres Vanna Evolves! :iconhappyindigo-acres:HappyIndigo-Acres 3 0 Oscar Evolves! by HappyIndigo-Acres Oscar Evolves! :iconhappyindigo-acres:HappyIndigo-Acres 3 0
[September Event] Hungry Ghost Festival, Week 1
    Jessy dusted off her palms and swept her hair back from her face. A few stray strands had fallen loose from the bandanna she wore during chore time. Svan trotted alongside her, saddlebags bulging with fresh hay to be raked into the last stall in the barn. 
    "Thanks so much for your help today Svan! You've been a lifesaver!" Jessy hugged the amaura cross pokemon around the neck before pulling the saddlebags off. The flaming mane and tail whipped about harmlessly as Svan shook herself from head to her pointed toes. 
    The pokemon trainer raked the hay into place, straightening the name-tag on the door as she stepped out from stall. Svanhildr. Jessy smiled as her companion trotted in, inspecting the hay and making sure it was just as it should be. Satisfied, she blew out a snort and knelt down, eyes closing for a nap. Jessy was content to watch for a moment, but a loud crash outside caused her to jerk to attention. 
:iconhappyindigo-acres:HappyIndigo-Acres 0 0
Vanna Emotions Meme by HappyIndigo-Acres Vanna Emotions Meme :iconhappyindigo-acres:HappyIndigo-Acres 6 5 [4/4 OPEN] August Clutch #1 by HappyIndigo-Acres [4/4 OPEN] August Clutch #1 :iconhappyindigo-acres:HappyIndigo-Acres 2 0 Vanna learns Metal Sound by HappyIndigo-Acres Vanna learns Metal Sound :iconhappyindigo-acres:HappyIndigo-Acres 1 0 Jhimba - Final Evolution by HappyIndigo-Acres Jhimba - Final Evolution :iconhappyindigo-acres:HappyIndigo-Acres 2 0
[August Event] The Nation Firework Show, Week 3
Obj. 1
     Jessy sat back on the grassy hill of the knoll, trying to relax after the day's events. The pokemon of Happy Indigo Acres were gathered below her, all waiting for the fireworks to start. Most of them lay sprawled out in the tall grass, and the pokemon trainer happily looked down at her friends. There were a few here and there missing, but she wasn't worried. The few she couldn't see were capable pokemon and would be able to look after themselves for the evening. Some of them had no interest in the festivities. And she was okay with that; Jessy wasn't the kind of trainer who liked to force her pokemon to participate in extracurricular events if they weren't interested. 
     Wolf Pup huffed in her stall, standing up and circling around in the hay before laying back down. The barn was quiet, everyone was outside. But not her, no sir. She was playing at not being interested, trying to be aloof and cool like Baliros. He didn't have any interes
:iconhappyindigo-acres:HappyIndigo-Acres 0 0
[June Event] Week 3: Impress the Judges!
    Jessy stepped up to Happy as he sat on the dressing room stool.
    "Okay buddy, do you remember what you're going to do?"
    Happy nodded, although his face seemed a bit squeamish. 
    "You'll do great, I'm sure of it!" Jessy flashed her nervous pokemon a thumbs up and a big smile, trying to cover up her own nerves.
     A resounding gurgle rumbled around them, and Happy glanced down at his belly sheepishly. Jessy laughed and patted him on the head. 
    "Don't worry..." She was comforting herself as much as she was comforting him now.
    The whistle blasted; it was time for her to leave and for Happy to go on-stage. He hopped down from the stool, tail swishing back and forth anxiously. The other pokemon in the dressing room shuffled around, gathering in bunches as they headed for the door. Happy was swept up in the crowd, throwing a heart-breaking glance of worry over his shoulder to his
:iconhappyindigo-acres:HappyIndigo-Acres 0 0
Happy Learns Swiift by HappyIndigo-Acres Happy Learns Swiift :iconhappyindigo-acres:HappyIndigo-Acres 1 0 Calypso by HappyIndigo-Acres Calypso :iconhappyindigo-acres:HappyIndigo-Acres 5 0 [2/3 OPEN] June Clutch #1 by HappyIndigo-Acres [2/3 OPEN] June Clutch #1 :iconhappyindigo-acres:HappyIndigo-Acres 3 0
[Feb. Event] Week 2: Loving or Loathing?
     Jessy jerked awake, heart pounding. What on earth was that awful noise?! A resounding cacophony was filling the air above and around Happy Indigo Acres, and it seemed to be emanating from the barn. Throwing off the blankets she shoved her feet into her slippers and hastily tossed her robe on.
     I certainly hope nothing bad has happened, she thought to herself as she walked out to the barn.
     Obviously something bad had happened, for the barn was in complete and absolute chaos. All of her beloved Pokemon were fighting, with a vengeance. Thankfully most of it was verbal, but there were a few physical fights breaking out. If the 'mon in the barn were being so ill-behaved, how was the rest of the ranch doing? Before she could make a mental check-list of who was in each area, a sound came to her ears from outside she had never thought she would hear, not in a hundred million years. The fact that it was snarling and growling
:iconhappyindigo-acres:HappyIndigo-Acres 1 0


PKMNation - Level Payments by FeralGator PKMNation - Level Payments :iconferalgator:FeralGator 28 8 PKMNation- Juliette by DreaminDragon PKMNation- Juliette :icondreamindragon:DreaminDragon 7 2 PKMN | HappyIndigo-Acres Payment by Pandorachi PKMN | HappyIndigo-Acres Payment :iconpandorachi:Pandorachi 4 2 25 Essential Expressions by napalmnacey 25 Essential Expressions :iconnapalmnacey:napalmnacey 40,641 3,783 PKMNation: Basic Pokemon Design Guide [Part 1] by garbagekeeper PKMNation: Basic Pokemon Design Guide [Part 1] :icongarbagekeeper:garbagekeeper 193 56 Raven Leather Feather by windfalcon Raven Leather Feather :iconwindfalcon:windfalcon 3,071 79 [PKMN] Marina Brightwing by Aurigami [PKMN] Marina Brightwing :iconaurigami:Aurigami 15 4 [PKMN] Falkor by Aurigami [PKMN] Falkor :iconaurigami:Aurigami 15 8 [TIC] Grand Soleil by Aurigami [TIC] Grand Soleil :iconaurigami:Aurigami 15 1 Plague lives with Jett Now. by Aurigami Plague lives with Jett Now. :iconaurigami:Aurigami 10 2 Eglantine by Aurigami Eglantine :iconaurigami:Aurigami 17 8 sick and tired clutch (2/14 open!) by Aurigami sick and tired clutch (2/14 open!) :iconaurigami:Aurigami 22 56 Shrimp Scampi lives with Maevery by Aurigami Shrimp Scampi lives with Maevery :iconaurigami:Aurigami 17 10 [LAZULI LABS] Carcharias by HelixLabs [LAZULI LABS] Carcharias :iconhelixlabs:HelixLabs 5 0 Dragonfire by Yufika Dragonfire :iconyufika:Yufika 33 9



[October Event] House of Mysteries, Week 1
Wow this is the most in-depth BG I've done in a long time... Doesn't look like much but it prob took longer than it should have lol. Ah well. Here's a scaredy-Kit meeting a ver' scar' typhlosion!

+2 fullbody
+2 shaded
+2 BG
+2 event participation
+2 ghosty type
   = 10lvs

Objective 1: The typhlosion Kit met is a shiny Dragon/Ghost-type fusion. 
[COMM] JCBrokenLight
Commission for JCBrokenLight
Thanks for your business! :) Hope you like it

+2 fullbody (x2)
+2 Shaded(x2)
+2 BG (x2)
  = 12lvls

Interested in a commission? Head over here!
Blitzen Evolves!
I've always loved Arbok and I'll be jiggered if I'm not super happy with how Blitz is growing up. I love this boy<3

:bulletblue: Blitz
+2 shading
+2 background
+2 fullbody
   = 6lvls

So, I have been absent for a long long time. And I feel like I should say why? I mean, not sure it really matters but *shrug*

In April I went cross-country to pick my sister up from her mission. It was tons of fun, although very hard on me physically. It took up a good portion of the month, hence the absence then.

I am loving my class. Like seriously, best decision ever. That being said, it is getting increasingly more difficult for me to do other things, too, because of trying to keep up on my studies, as well as out of class labs we have to do (ever tried drawing blood and vaccinating a male goat? No? Let me tell you it is stinky as all get out and they are stinkers). 

Yep. Finally had the hip surgery I have been waiting on for over 2 years. It hasn't been nearly as bad as the last three, which is almost worse because I want to do all the things I can't. I am confined to laying flat with the occasional sitting up, have to be non-weight bearing and on crutches for 4 weeks, maybe longer. My post-op appointment with the surgeon is June 7th so I will know then when I can finally begin doing more. But! I start physical therapy next week and I am super pumped for that because it means I get to do something! I am going stir-crazy here. 

Been looking into going to a university this fall; that's scary but also I'm pretty excited for it. However, there is a lot I need to work on ASAP before I even think about applying. I haven't been able to work as much as I have needed to as of late, because of my hip, which is putting financial stress on me. But my bosses have been superstars in working with me, which I have been super grateful for. My dogs allergies are kicking up with the season change so I have to watch him like a hawk to make sure he doesn't scratch himself bloody. Hooray for Benadryl. Even with my vigilant watching I am worried he got his ear good enough the other day that infection may set in... Time will tell, but I hope it isn't so.
In my downtime I've perused online sites for horses for sale. It's a terrible thing to do to myself since I can't afford one at present, yet I just love them and want one again so bad. Guys, I found the horse of my dreams. Which is funny, because he is not what I thought the horse of my dreams was. Yet when I saw the little picture of him, my heart skipped a beat and wrenched against my chest. My soul and heart responded to this horse like I have never felt before. It was incredible. So the situation is all the more hard for me, because my very soul aches for this horse but there is no way I could get him at present. Funny how we torture ourselves with things like this, isn't it?

Anyway, that's all. I'm hoping to pick up my activity soon, but no promises. Hope everyone is doing well! 


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This is a sister account to my CobaltSkye dA account. It's is used soley for PKMNatoin doings.


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